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Watch: Jahnu Barua's new film "That Gusty Morning"

With an appealing name “That Gusty Morning” eminent director Jahnu Barua has yet again gifted us with an utter sensitive film to rejoice.

We might wonder why he chosen to keep an English title. But as the story progresses his attempt turn evident that an alarming issue like alzheimer deserves global attention and appeal. The film takes us through a complicated journey of life and left us spellbound.
This film is a great effort to break the taboo around mental illness and the director picked up the right chord - marriage alliance . The most crucial thread of our society still remains as marriage alliance where everything comes to a stand-still.

With mind blowing performance by the actors, this short duration film could successfully impart the ‘larger than life’ feel to audience.

Barua hardly  used any cinematic symbolism and that’s the real beauty of the film.

That Gutsy Morning has successfully projected all four  character’s inner journey in such a way that one can easily notice four different underlying  stories: a caring and responsible father, a mother and her mental illness, a daughter who is already buried into her own trouble yet controlling her emotions to handle her mother and Pranab, the Hope, is the representation of the dream society.

All four actors namely Seema Biswas, Arun Nath, Urmila Mahanta and Kapil Bora stood as pillars to the film.

With heart touching music,D J Phukan added his expertise to take the film to next level.

A must watch to all and “That Gutsy Morning” is a shout out to humanity.

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Cultural reporter from Mumbai

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