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Assamese Dictionary : A lexicon of 1 lakh entries

GUWAHATI: After years of toil, this would be a dictionary with a sweeping range. The Asomiya Jatiya Abhidhan, which is being compiled and edited by a 25-member team of lexicographers, would see the light of the day on January 1, 2010. The dictionary was first conceptualized at a workshop held in Jorhat under the aegis of the Assam Jatiya Siksha Samanway Parishad on July 7, 2002.

The seminar papers presented at the workshop by noted scholars Dr Dilip Kumar Dutta, Dr Kabindra Nath Phukan, Dr Madan Mohan Sharma, Dr Bhimkanta Barua, Dr Benu Gogoi and Dr Debabrata Sharma, who is the chief editor of the Asomiya Jatiya Abhidhan, were brought out in a book-form exactly a year later.

Now the first phase of the work relating to the compilation of the ambitious dictionary has been completed. Dr Sharma, the Head of the Department of English at Jorhat College, claimed that the disctionary would have an original outlook and be a comprehensive work of its kind in all aspects. He also pointed out that after Miles Bronson and Hem Chandra Barua, nobody has made any substantial contribution towards the task of compiling an Assamese dictionary in terms of originality and comprehensiveness.

However, these two pioneering initiatives were not emulated in the 20th century, Dr Sharma maintained. Whatever was produced during the last century amounted to a mere addition or a little amendment to Bronson’s dictionary and the Barua-edited Hem Kosha.

The progress made by the Assamese language during the last 1,000 years will be encompassed in the Asomiya Jatiya Abhidhan. From the Assamese prevalent in the times of Madhav Kandali, Ram Saraswati and Sankaradeva to the diverse forms of art and culture peculiar to different ethnic tribes, no efforts will be spared to give representation to and acknowledge the roots of every spoken and written word which has passed into the language, Dr Sharma stressed.

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Small ambiguity in the news item. Dr. Madan Mohan Sarma (not Sharma) is the Head of the department of English and Foreign languages at the Tezpur University whereas Dr. Debabrata Sharma is the Head of the Dept. of English at Jorhat College. Hence the quote in the latter paragraphs is from Dr. Debabrata not Dr. Madan Mohan ( AssamTimes regrets the error)
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Wonderful matter with knowledge. I appreciate the writer for highlighting the issue.
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It is really nice to know about the Assamese dictionary that is coming up soon. Thanks to the author for brinnging the news to focus.
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it will be grt to hear about the Assamese dictionary that is coming up shorthly, and it will be grt contribution to assamese society and what ever help to published this grt dictionary will comming up everybody should help it thanks and all the best to prof.Debabrata Sharma and his team.
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Iam very happy and excited to learn about this wonderful project. Once completed, this will serve our Assamese language and the people immensely. A cause, very close to my heart. Anything that I can do to help forward this project? All the Bests, Syeda Jebeen S. Shah New York 22nd March. 2009
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Waiting with great hope to see the first volume on 01-01-10 at 2-55 pm. All the best wishes.

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