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New Assamese Film, “Ajan Fakir Saheb” to be released shortly

"Ajan Fakir Saheb", a new Assamese Film is to be released in Mumbai shortly. The film is directed by Ashif Ikbal Hussain. It is a period film based on the life of the great Ajan Fakir who came from Baghdad originally. The film portrays the social, political and economical life in earlier times. The most noteworthy aspect of the film is that it has tried to focus not only on the religious and communal harmony existing at that time but has also tried to show the work culture that was prevalent in Assam at that time.

Ajan Fakir is being portrayed by the great Actor, Bishnu Khagaria. Khargaria is very happy to be portraying the role of the Ajan Fakir. He has said that this is a very unusual character that he is playing and he has worked hard to get into the soul of the character. Jayanta Bhagawati plays the role of a “Moulobi.” Both of them had to learn things like offering “namaj” besides learning some words of Urdu and Arabic to play the characters effectively.

The film has been presented by Samanya films from Tihu and produced by Bani Kalita. Dialogues for the film have been written by Prabhat Goswami while Photography is by Paresh Baruah. The main music direction is by Dhijen Konwar. The music director of the Jikir is Hapeja Begar Chodhury. There is a lot of variety in the music viz. jikir, bihu, naam etc. Sound is by Tauhidur Rahman and the dubbing will be done at Jyoti Chitraban by Deepak Dutta.

Arun Lochan Das

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The Syed Sufis of Upper Assam belonged to the orthodox Hanafi school and are far removed from the practices associated with the Mazaar culture. The outfit in which Bishnu Khargaria is seen portraying "Ajan Fakir Saheb" just do not reflect his true personality. The unusually long hair, the red beads on the neck are alien to the sufi tradition kept alive by a few of his descendants in upper Assam. Anyway, it is a commendable effort and deserves whole hearted appreciation for the noble objective it seeks to achieve.
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I have seen the film in its premier show at Vandana Cinema. One of the producer Mr. Bani Kalita is from my neighbourhood in Japorigog. The effort put in by his team is to be appreciated in the light that when all the so claim decedents of Ajan Fakir Shaheb are threading the bigotry path and advocating nothing of Sufism, the film is a serious attempt to bridge the gap of a society being polarized by right wing philosophies.

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