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Mahadev Deka felicitated

Mahadev Deka Runner Up of Mr Universe being felicitated with a traditional sorai by senior citezen Jyotish Das. The event was orgainsed by Santipur Athletic Club at Santipur, Guwahati on Sunday 13th July 2008.

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prandeep bordoloi's picture

Ths is the great man from whom i trained n learned what is the mean of fitness n very thanks ful to shri mahadev im a proffesional fitness trainer n certifed from ACE. Now im working with the fitness company 'Enigma gym n spa' in delhi.
Himan Saikia,jorhat's picture

Mahadev Deka is a great person.we are proud of him.No one has the ability to reach the position,which he has reach.This is because of his Hard Working.Every Assamese Has to saluat for his work.
Jewel Baruah's picture

I have seen this man work real hard! Sir, you deserve to be called the best. Congratulation! Everybody is proud of you.
Rupak Sarma, Bangalore's picture

We are proud of you Mr. Mahadev Deka for bringing laurels to our state. Though miles away from home, such rare feat of achievement by any person from our native really makes the banner of Assam fly high and higher. Congrats once again!
chandan baezbaruah's picture

kkpradhan's picture

salutes to mahadeb deka, the son of assam. you made assam proud. you deserves the title THE "HE-MAN" OF ASSAM.
harshad umrotkar's picture

Arindam Garg's picture

Excellent!!!We are proud of you!!!
Rutuja R's picture

Dear sir really proud to see an indian on this stage. Would like 2 wish u all the best for ur future competitions. Congrates once again
Dorika's picture

This is last year news. He was runner up in Mr Universe 2008. Just 2 days back this year 2009, he has won the Mr. Universe. What about that news? Who has written these comments so late, after 1 year??
hirendra sinha's picture

he is the trainer of our gym,,,i c him everyday,,,he is a very good human being..we r very much proud to c at the same time it feels so bad that the day he won the title the whole i was sittin in front of tv to c not a single news chanel has covered this story...except a local news chanel ie NE TV
chhandamoy baruah's picture

A man with whom each and every Assmese should be proud of.. A hearty congrates to mr universe 2009
Dipak Talukdar's picture

Congratulation to Mahadeb Deka for winning the title of Mr.Universe.All assamese should proud of him for his graet activity........
Sandeep Das's picture

It is indeed a proud moment for India and Assam, I am overjoyed by this exciting news and in fact took the pride in informing lots of my friends at office about this glorious achievement by Mr Mahadev Deka. I would like to congratulate Mr Mahadev Deka and would like him to reach more landmarks in coming years.
j Thangkhiew's picture

Its a great honour and respect to all the North eastern people...n an enthusiasm for all the youth..Mr Mahadev Deka showed us the way that everythig is possible... hope more of us (North east) folks was inspired by his success....n will always believe tht we also can reach the goal one day. Congrats Mr.
Ranajit Brauah's picture

Apunak Dekhi Pratyek jan manuhore mon jabo jogot jiniboloi.Apunarloi moor antarik hubhesya thkil.
pramod das's picture

We are proud of you.............
Brajeswar Karmakar's picture

All Assam proud of you.
Parthajeet Sarmah's picture

I remember the first time I met Mahadeb sir. I had joined a gym for the first time in my life, and by sheer luck, he happened to be my coach. On my first day, it was he who saw me crash on my chest after 2 pushups, I was that weak. But then he worked his magic, and in 6 - 8 months, I was working out with significantly heavier weights each time, culminating in a point where, though I would not have qualified for any tournament, I was as fit as an athlete. So here's a big thank you to Mr. Mahadeb Deka. We'll always be proud of you, sir :)
Amrit Deka's picture

I offer you a salute for the fact that a person in the midst of triumphs had carried out such a spectacular move.... U not only make only a particular area but whole india to be proud of..... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
chintul kumar (9954065903)'s picture

he is a person of a tiger heart,sir u deserve this position bcoz i know about ur training ,u have brought new hope to a person like me because i m also a body builder name chintul,from sualkuchi .ur my inspiration and ray of hope.

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