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All traffic and no control on NH-15

Lakhimpur: Traffic snarl has become a regular feature these days on the National Highway No 15 in Dhalpur much to a major inconvenience of the commuters on every passing day. Uncontrolled trucks and trackers, buses and bikes often make it difficult for the road to be free and safe for the normal commuters. The school and office goers bear the brunt of this paralyzing hours on the road. 

Haphazard parking adds to the woes. " Parking is not planned. Its harrowing time for us and we keep waiting for even half hour at times even to cross the road.," said a school student in the area. He blamed the poor traffic management. Talking to, Dhalpur Police Outpost in charge in Bihpuria Hemkanta Boro blamed it all all on a 'havilder' who has not been able to do it with due sincerity. "His lack of dedication and irregularities at duty might have resulted in the traffic disorder," said Boro.

 Caught in this jam, the local residents have been raising serious doubts on the efficiency and sincerity of the traffic management people deployed in Dholpur.

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