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Van Mahotsav celebration begins at Kalaigaon

The civil administration of Bhergaon sub-division has launched week long celebration of Van Mahotsav in Bhergaon sub-division from July 1.The inaugural programme was held at Kanak Lata Das Bio-diversity Park at Kalaigaon on July 1 at 9 am.DN Hazarika, ADC, Udalguri cum SDO (Civil) I/C, Bhergaon sub-division formally inaugurated the series of plantation and awareness drive at the bio-diversity Park situated at picturesque Kalaigaon Sevashram in presence of several hundred students,teachers,officials and public.While speaking on the occasion,ADC Hazarika narrated the history of construction of Kanak Lata Das Bi0-diversity Park.He proudly mentioned the contribution of Freedom Fighter late Pani Ram Das of Kalaigaon who had donated 35 bighas of land for the construction of the park in the memory of his wife,noted social worker and Gandhian follower late Kanak Lata Das in 2007.He also thanked the people who had been working relentlessly for the conservation of flora and fauna of the locality.He specially requested students for taking up the job of protecting nature and wildlife in their respective areas.Wildlife activist Jayanta Kumar Das spoke on the need for creating awareness among people specially among students and children so as to protect and conserve bio-diversity for smaller animals,birds,reptiles- like snakes,monitor lizards,butterflies,insects etc.He also said that unless people start conserving smaller plots of lands with wild grass or creepers,insects, frogs,butterflies etc would be disappear causing severe damage to bio-diversity.Maheswar Boro,MLA,Kalaigaon attending the inaugural ceremony as the chief guest thanked Bhergaon civil administration for the unique inauguration of the Van Mahotsav week at Kalaigaon.He specially mentioned that smaller animals or birds like owls, kites,snakes,frogs,earth worms etc were most necessary for maintaining a good natural balance,otherwise of which the human population would suffer most.Several hundred saplings were planted at the bio-diversity park premises, beside distribution among students and teachers.Several distinguished people of the subdivision including Manoj Bania,BDO,Kalaigaon Block;Binu Deka,Head Mistress of Kalaigaon Girls HS;Basanta Deka,Principal,Lokapriya Bordoloi Public School, Kalaigaon; officials of forest department,Udalguri,ROSS NGO,Tangla etc.It needs mentioning that Bhergaon civil administration will continue organizing week long celebration of Van Mahotsav at Tangla on July 2;Khagara HS,Khoirabari on July 3;at all offices of the sub-division on July 4; Khagrabari Janata HS on July 5;at Kacharital HS on July 6 and finally at Khalingduar Reserve Forest on July 7 where selected students from all the places mentioned will be taken to deep inside forest for real knowledge of wildlife and nature.



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Shock and sensation at AMCH

9 May 2014 - 11:49am | AT News

Doctors at the Assam Medical College Hospital in Dibrugarh have threatened to sit in strike their safety and security in the duty hours.

Talking to Assam Times, the junior doctors said that if the Sarita Toshniwal case is murder then it is a fit case of security lapse.

They further demanded a thorough probe into the entire incident of how a doctor on duty was allegedly murdered with a surgical knife by cutting in her throat. That too in duty hours at the intensive care unit.

Some others slammed the college authority for deploying her alone at the ICU at night. “If the college authority does not listen to us, we have no option but to sit in strike immediately,” told a doctor to Assam Times.

Tea workers’ sit-in for puja bonus

13 Sep 2012 - 3:00pm | editor

Thousands of tea garden workers are all set to go for a day long strike on September 19 demanding puja bonus on the price of ration items, tea workers of the state. The workers would sit in strike under the aegis of Akhil Bharatiya Chah Mazdoor Sangha (ABCMS) to demand a 20 per cent annual puja bonus before Durga Puja in October. ABCMS officials said that the demand is that the price of the ration items should be incorporated while calculating the annual bonus of tea workers.

Arms and modern life

11 Sep 2007 - 3:21am | Rituparna Goswami Pande
The entire world is facing a tough time dealing with the onslaught of terror that arms have wrecked upon us. Whether it is the arms of a terrorist, a soldier, a miscreant or a school kid arms seem to have taken control over man. The world wars, the cold wars or the war on terror, man has become a slave to his arms. The war on Iraq saw the dependence on arms, the terror attacks in America, Britain or India and the disturbed scool kids in America who opened fire upon his own school mates had the common instrument in the form of sophisticated weapons that were used to annihilate the peace and sanctity of man.

Assam is no exception to this world phenomenon as it has been trying to come to terms with the roars of guns and canons that has become a fixture in its daily life. The parasitic and active rebel organizations that afflicts the entire northeast has made arms smuggling a common occurrence. Added with the advantage of porous border areas and lack of proper security personnel the smugglers of arms and ammunition are having a field day. Particularly the states of Mizoram and Manipur which border Myanmar have emerged as the prime rendezvous points for smugglers. Such activities have not gone totally unnoticed as many a time security personnel have prevented the smugglers in their ulterior motives and conducted raids. In fact official records say that Mizoram police have so far made 18 big seizures while in Manipur they were able to make seven seizures only.

The arms and ammunitions are smuggled across from Myanmar and then distributed in the areas where the demand is more. Arms like pistols, 315 rifles and AK series weapons are mostly the main products of these smugglers the consumers of which are mostly the rebel organizations and people involved in drug trafficking.
Many Myanmarese and Burmese nationals have been apprehended by the police in these connections. It has been alleged that many of these arms and ammunitions are brought from Tamu,
Mandalay and Yairipok areas of Myanmar with the support of some local people and then transported to other areas. The Ukhrul and Churachanapur districts of Manipur have become focal points of such arms smuggling. The hilly terrain has given a great advantage to the people in this business.

Tightly patrolled border and a better equipped security force added with the active participation by locals in order to repel such unscrupulous activities can control the arms supply in the states which can directly result in the restoration of a semblance of peace in the states. The intricate relation of arms and man has to be severed in order to let man say a firm farewell to arms for good